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Our Story

Bob Pacheco, a business man with a creative side of being a storyteller.  had a vision.  His vision was that of  a central hub from which one could discover ways to learn about and implement holistic and spiritual practices.  People with any level of awareness could come and find a class that would enhance their lives.

Bob's vision is now a reality with The Center For Sacred Traditions.  Upon retiring from 35 years as a CPA, Bob opened the center with its initial growth coming from the participation and guidance of trusted holistic professionals known by Bob.

The opportunities are many for the center's growth.  There is always a welcome mat out for those who have an art that they might like to shave via the center.  Bob's using his retirement time to take his storytelling to a higher level by developing it, along with drumming, as a therapy.   He works primarily with ancient folklore and fairy tales.

While working on developing his own arts, Bob discovered a need for fellow holistic and spiritual practitioners  to know more about business and to be comfortable selling and promoting themselves.  The Center now also  includes help in this regard via Bob's experience and expertise in business.

Bob's experience also includes past success in business leadership.  He brings to the Center For Sacred Traditions all that he has learned as a founder of two chambers and from serving on the Board of Directors of 3 or 4 others.

The strength of the center rests in Bob's strong belief that there is a need and an opportunity to organize, assist and promote expressive arts practitioners.